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Chinese medicine uses different techniques in order to treat a disharmony. The most popular are acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping and nutrition. Every one of them is important and can be applied depending in the patient's condition.

Skin disorders are usually a consequence of heat (external or internal), dryness, emotional imbalances and inappropriate diet. Heat in blood is maybe the most common causes especially in women, who can experience acute symptoms when they are close to the menstruation.

People with skin disorder must avoid hot food in nature, hot spicy, alcohol, greasy food and sweet cakes. Also avoid stress, exposure to hot environments and to the sun. Depending on the case, usually acne or rosacea, they should continuously refresh the area of the disease with cool water.

The recommended foods are: carrot, dandelion, tomatoes, celery, tomatoes, mung bean, tangerines, mung bean and pears. The liver must be detoxified. The dandelion can help to do that but Milk Thistle has strongest effects. For this purpose, also reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Be care full with the over consumption of raw food. “Let the food be your medicine”.

The best treatment is always a combination of nutrition with acupuncture and Chinese herbs in order to achieve better results and accelerate the process of healing. Meditation and the practice of Tai Chi or Gi Gong will also benefit any condition.

It is time to be healthy

Dr. Mario Marini, DAOM


Acupuncture and Holistic Center


6447 Miami Lakes Dr #210F. Miami Lakes. FL, 33014


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