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Here is when you can find our patients testimonials. This is the way they show appreciation for our work.  We treat our patients as friends, with love and compassion. We treat and support them like we woudl do it with a member of our family.

Jeanette Lugo - Lauderhill, Fl
Dr Marini is excellent not only as a doctor but also as a person. I had Hot flashes and night sweating for over 5 years. I tried everything including hormone therapies. He only needed 3 treatments and a chinese herbs to help me. He asked me about my emotions and explained me how they can damage my body. His treatments were a combination of acupuncture, reiki and meditation. I loved it. No more hot flahes or night sweating .
Kike Vargas - Kendall, Fl
Wonderful doctor and services. He helped me with my lower back pain I had for 3 years. I highly recommend him. I didn't really believe in acupuncture but my fried told me about him and I was desperate with the pain. As a side effect, the treatments also helped me with my insomnia . Don't Hesitate to stop by and enjoy his treatments

Jennifer Sugerman - Miami

Mario is amazing on many levels! Every time I see him I walk out in a much better head space and the results last a long time.

Monica Navarro - Pembroke Pines

I went to see Dr Mario Marini with a really bad pain in the arm due to a neck injury. It was painful to drive there but I had no pain on my way back home. It was the first time i tried acupuncture and I didn't know what to expect. I'm very pleased with the treatment and specially with the results.Thank you Dr. Marini

Luz Eva Puchock - Lima

Lo mejor en medicina China y el Dr Marini un excelente profesional muy buenas sus clases, mucha práctica y conocimientos.

Solange Marini - Lima

Dr Marini es un excelente profesional con estudios en diferentes paises del mundo. Gran experiencia y sobre todo una magnifica forma de tratar personas. Lo mejor en Medicina China y medicina alternativa en general. Trata todo tipo de dolencias. Un tremendo ser humano. Totalmente recomendado !!

Mariana Grisel - Lauderhill

I suffered a stiff neck from one day to another and I desperately needed relief. Thanks to Mario and his very serious knowledge of Acupuncture I was able to move my neck hours after the treatment and had a big relief overall. I would certainly highly recommend him.

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