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Lack of motivation and Chinese Medicine

The Eight Extraordinary Vessel Du Mai is the “Sea of Yang”, the origin of the Yang forces in our body. Yang energy is related to activity, expansion, movement, it is what we need to “take on the world”.

Du Mai is the third Extraordinary Vessel created after the conception and gives us the strength to face the world. In order to move through life we have to interact with the world. We need to be curious. The Du Mai give us the desire to explore the world, the motivation to move on and face new challenges.

People who are scared of interacting with the world, afraid to changes such a new job, new place to live, a new relationship. People who avoid new activities and prefer to stay at home, just going from work to home. People who has been hurt and think about the world as a dangerous place and prefer to isolate, withdraw to a “safe” place.

In Chinese medicine working in the Du Mai help people “Having a spine”. This vessel can give you the strength to overcome any obstacle instead of being discourage by any complication you find in your path to accomplish your goals.

A good doctor heals and excellent doctor prevents

It is time to be healthy

Dr. Mario Marini


FB Mario Giacomo Marini

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