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Living a happy and fulfilling life must be our goal as human beings. Unfortunately, experience pain can be a challenging obstacle for this purpose bringing suffering in many aspects of our life.

For instance, we are social species, we enjoy the company of friends and also to participate in activities with them, but above all we love to spend time with our partner doing things together. People having pain sometimes are not able to participate of some activities and depending of the intensity of the pain, in any activity at all. Researches post in The Clinical Journal of Pain, show the association of lower social functioning with pain and physical limitations.

Many people who suffer pain choose to take pain killers obtaining a temporary relieve or their pain but also with the negative sides effect such as ulcer, digestion problems and other.

In the other hand, Chinese medicine is the best option to deal with this complication. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are very effective to treat pain as has been proven for many years.

Don’t choose pain. Don’t live with pain, it is time to have your acupuncture treatment. If you never tried acupuncture before, I will love to be the first practitioner to work with you with this modality of Chinese medicine to help you to be healthy, to relieve your pain

It is time to be healthy

Dr. Mario (Dr. M) Marini, DAOM

Doctor in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Hypnotherapist. Homeopathy


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