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Chinese Medicine and My Purpose

In Chinese medicine we see a person as a whole. The emotional, mental and spiritual aspect are as important as the physical one. If we only treat a person’s physical symptoms disregarding his other aspect, we are not really healing him. The treatment would be incomplete and the patient will come back with the same or similar symptoms

Chinese medicine has the power to make constitutional changes in a person; even psychological traits (or physical illness) that we have inherited, the ones passed down from our parents, can be treated with this medicine. Physical or psychological illness that run in the family, those which etiology or origin are difficult to explain, can be cured with acupuncture.

People live a hectic life in modern society. We don’t have time to meditate or even the time to develop self –awareness. We feel that we are full of emptiness. A sensation that we have a lot but at the same tine we are empty inside. This breaks our mind-body balance, and this is the key in Chinese medicine to stay healthy.

One of the technique of Chinese medicine is working with the extraordinary vessels. One of them, the first one created at the time of the conception, is the Chong Mai. Working with this vessel can help us to answer questions such WHAT IS MY PURPOSE ON LIFE? WHO I AM? WHY AM I HERE? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? People that have everything in life but feel fear, anxiety, depression and others that are part of the family history, can be treated effectively with Chinese Medicine, working with the Chong Mai, the first Extraordinary Vessel.

A good doctor heals and excellent doctor prevents

It is time to be healthy.

Dr. Mario Marini


FB Mario Giacomo Marini

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