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Self Love and Compassion with Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine divide our life in cycles, 7 years in women, 8 years in men. The first cycle is very important in order to develop our cognitive skills but also our self-love and compassion.

One of the eight extraordinary vessels, Ren Mai, works with bounding problems between mother (or any substitute figure) and the baby. This problem could be due to lack of nourishment as a consequence of postpartum depression, the mother suffering for the same problem with her mother, absence of the mother due work, an unintended pregnancy or others. Also the problem could be related to an over controlling and dominating mother. A scared mother that see the world is not a safety place and try to protect her baby from suffering and pain.

The former will not allow people to develop self- love. In this case it would be difficult for them to love other people, if they don’t love their selves, how can they love others. They don’t develop compassion. This people usually don’t have a stable relationship, tend to be shy and lonely. They are insecure and suffer for depression, and anxiety. Unfortunately, this people look in a vicious a substitute for this lack of bounding. Drugs, alcohols, over eating or others.

The latter will not allow people to develop their own personality. They will be- as their mother- scared to explore the world, diminishing the action of the Du Mai (other extraordinary vessels). They can feel that interact with the world is a big burden. They need to feel protected and will look for a partner that can perform this function. This people tend to suffer for asthma and throat problems.

In both cases this people can suffer for infertility, digestive and heart problems. Mass in lower abdomen, hernias, liver and kidney problems. Erectile dysfunction in men and gynecological problems in women.

The Ren Mai, which post natal aspect is activate at the moment of the baby first breath and is reinforced when the baby is placed in his mother chest and hear her heart beating, is the extraordinary vessels that can treat all the above conditions.

A good doctor heals and excellent doctor prevents

It is time to be healthy.

Dr. Mario Marini


FB Mario Giacomo Marini

FB Acupuncture and Holistic Center


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