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Morning Sickness in chinese medicine

Morning sickness is a term that refers to a nauseated feeling a woman may have during pregnancy. It may range from mild nausea to very severe and frequent vomiting. It commonly lasts three months but sometimes it could go longer. About 50% of pregnant women experience morning sickness.

According to Western medicine it happens as a result of increased hormones in your body and it is a good sign because it indicates that the placenta is developing well. Its diagnosis is based on symptoms and the treatment will be to prescribe vitamin B6, doxylamine or anti-nausea medications.

In traditional Chinese medicine morning sickness is due to an imbalance between Qi and Blood within the penetrating vessel. At the time of conception the parents donate their essences to create a new life but during pregnancy the mother’s essence will nourish the fetus stimulating the formation of all major body systems and organs.

In this medicine there are 3 main patterns for morning sickness:

Stomach Yin deficiency. Causing dry mouth without desire to drink, poor appetite and slight nausea.

Liver qi stagnation invading stomach – it will cause belching and vomiting, epigastric distension, irritability and depression.

Heart Qi deficiency – brings nauseas, palpitation, anxiety and depression.

I would like to emphasize that acupuncture is harmless to pregnancy, even when there are points contraindicated for this state, a very good and experience acupuncture practitioner will know which of them can needle.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are very effective for morning sickness. They will nourish the stomach Yin, calm the liver, eliminate stagnation of Qi, subdue rebellious Qi, calm the mind, tonify the heart and stop vomiting.

If you suffer from morning sickness I can help you.

It is time to be healthy!

Dr Mario Marini

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