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In 1947 the world health organization, gave a new definition to the meaning of HEALTH. "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease." Then added to the model of health, the word Biopsychosocialspiritual, giving importance to the religious or spiritual beliefs of the individual. But it's been about 68 years and we only care about to the physical part. Many of our illness(or all) could be avoided changing our behavior, in our hands is the key to being healthy. Dr Dean Ornish says "We spend so much time mopping up the floor around the sink that's overflowing without also turning off the faucet." We don't treat the root. Many patients after a bypass operation, return to their routine (cigar, coffee, fatty foods etc) and after a few years (or less) return to the Dr to make a Bypass to their Bypass (seems like a joke but it is not) . They don't have postoperative follow up to changing bad habits. The cause of the problem is not treated, we live a system of "management" of the disease, not to be healthy. Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Prize in Medicine, conducted a study of Telomeres (the tip of a chromosome) and basically found that longer Telomeres, the longer is the life of a person. One reason is that it helps the regeneration of body tissues. Then it was discovered that a change in lifestyle, low-fat meal and healthier, regular exercise, daily stress management activities and close to our loved ones life, was producing a genetic alteration lengthening telomeres. But even more, changes occurred in 500 genes, the ones which prevents diseases are activated and the ones which creates diseases (especially cancer) are deactivated. Our body has the great ability to heal itself, to recover from any illness, but we do not give it what he needs to work as it should, or worse, with many bad habits of conduct we diminish or nullify that capacity. The changes that we make are not extremely difficult, but is you who must choose between health or disease. Here in FertiFem we treat you as a whole. We know that the root of your physical problem could be emotional, mental or spiritual. We do acupuncture, Reiki, hypnotherapy, homeopathic remedies and more. We help your body to heal itself so the disease will never come back !!!

It is time to be healthy

Mario Giacomo Marini

Oriental Medicine Doctor.

Hypnotherapist. Master Reiki.

Homeopathic Remedies. Holistic Healer.


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