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We are always wondering why we can not break a vicious like smoking or drinking, why we easily get anger or have dysfunctional behaviors, why we are dominated by phobias like claustrophobia, arachnophobia, social phobia or simply why we fail in situations where others succeed. The answer lies in our subconscious! Hypnotherapy is an alternative technique that use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. According to hypnotherapists, this technique is the most effective way to gain insight into the subconscious and make finding the events of the past, usually from our childhood, causing unwanted behaviors that hurt us. Once detected these events, which can not be deleted, they work for the mind can see them in a positive way releasing the person of their harmful consequences. This is achieved through hypnosis, which is a state of deep relaxation in which, contrary to popular belief, the person is on alert and sharper than in the conscious state. In this state the person has access to the darkest corners of his subconscious. Hypnotherapy classify the mind in conscious, subconscious and unconscious. Briefly we define the conscious mind, such the one which control our 5 senses, processing the environment rationally and analytically. The subconscious mind as a passive mind that stores all the events of our life, our hard disk. And the unconscious mind the one that reacts illogical and irrationally, our defense mechanism. How the mechanism of the mind works? We have the example of a man with lung problems who can not quit despite putting his life in danger. Consciously he knows he should not smoke, also his own loved ones ask him to stop. He has made every conscious effort but always fails, Why? Unfortunately it has been shown that over 70% of the time we are not in our conscious way. Every time he fails, it is his unconscious mind which is acting and does so in an illogical, irrational and much faster way than the conscious mind. Why the unconscious mind hurts us? The unconscious mind only wants to protect us, it is our defense mechanism, but remember, that it is irrational, not logic. Following the above case, the man has mentally strong links that attached him to the cigar. For example his father who loved and always protected him was a smoker. Or the first love of his life, was a compulsive smoker. Now every time he needs love and protection he has an urge for smoke . Difficult situations or excessive stress are the triggers to activate his need for love and protection, and therefore irresistible desire to smoke. It also happens to people with high cholesterol or hypertension who even have had heart attacks or surgeries and still eat pizza or junk food. Perhaps the trouble began when as a child in their home someone innocently told them: If you get good grades I’ll buy you a pizza. In their mind there is strong link of pizza – approval / reward. Or people who never earn enough to live and fails despite having the ability and knowledge to succeed. Possibly this situation began when at home, school or church, they said that money was impure and corrupt people. Now every time they have an excellent opportunity they sabotage themselves. We can find a number of situations. People who are continuously ill for rare diseases because the need of protection, others who get angry quickly and shout for no reason for fear of being rejected. All these are very effectively treated by hypnosis, which improves the quality of life of a person very fast. No limits for hypnotherapy, even for diseases that can be considered purely physical, as the book “Mind Over Medicine” of Lissa Rankin says, where she speaks of the placebo effect (and nocebo) and the power of the mind “There is no stronger weapon than our mind, but also no worse enemy” It’s time to be healthy Mario Giacomo Marini Oriental Medicine Doctor Hypnotherapist. Master Reiki Bach Flowers. Homeopathic Remedies. Holistic healer. 786-8732573 .post

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